Man drives a car into Nexon’s headquarters


So… last week we reminded you all that you should not threaten to hurt people over a video game. You also should not actually hurt someone over a video game. And you definitely should not drive someone else’s car through the front of a company’s office building because you are upset about video games. That’s not a hypothetical; that’s exactly what happened at Nexon’s headquarters in South Korea.

The driver in question is a Chinese man, Mr. Lee, staying in South Korea on a three-month visitor’s permit. At the time of the incident his blood alcohol was over the legal limit and he did not possess a legal driver’s license; the car belongs to his brother, who is a resident of South Korea. Mr. Lee has admitted fully to the wrongdoing, stating that he was motivated to do so because his addiction to Nexon‘s games had “ruined his life.” Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident, but you still should not drive someone else’s car into a building because of video games.

Source: Korea Herald via Kotaku

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