The Daily Grind: What MMORPG city would you not want to see destroyed?


ArenaNet teased last week that some sort of doom might befall the Krytan city Divinity’s Reach in the impending living world season, and I’m sad.

Guild Wars 2 players have already seen Lion’s Arch fall once and been rebuilt. World of Warcraft players saw a cataclysm rampage many zones in the old world, creating a literal and figurative rift in the game’s history. It’s been done, and we know how it feels.

It’s probably a ruse or something truly temporary, like just a siege at the gates we get to fight off rather than the total destruction of the city, but I worry anyway. I love the idea of a game that keeps changing up the environment — that’s the idea behind the “living” world, after all — but some locations are too epic to destroy, and Divinity’s Reach is one of them. Dalaran is another I love just the way it is. I’m sure you guys have other ideas, so let’s hear them. What MMORPG city would you not want to see destroyed?

Bonus question: Which MMORPG city would you want to see nuked from orbit?

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