Guild Wars 2’s Queen Jennah addresses the citizens of Kryta; Divinity’s Reach is so doomed


Guild Wars 2 is continuing its rollout of teasers leading up to the launch of its third living world season next week. Today’s entry is another in-character lore piece dressed up as an interview with Kryta’s Queen Jennah.

Jennah’s message to her citizens is clear: She insists that the residents of Divinity’s Reach are perfectly safe, which probably means they are not safe at all and should probably get the fudge out, in spite of increased security in the surrounding regions.

“We’ve tapped the best engineering teams in the Reach to bolster the city walls and shore up any weaknesses in our defenses. In the event of a crisis, my advisors have developed plans to evacuate the townships surrounding Divinity’s Reach and house civilians within the safety of the city walls. But I must stress that these preparations are focused toward true crises—natural disasters, dragon sightings, and the like.”

The Eyrie is impregnable and all that.

The Queen also updates her subjects on her second-hand knowledge of Logan’s status (he’s supposedly still recovering from his injuries), sympathizes with the families of the victims of the assault on Mordremoth, and dismisses the insinuation that her military’s ranks have been excessively weakened by the conflict.

Ah, politics.

If you’re not a fan of these lore pieces, ArenaNet’s Anatoli Ingram (disclosure: He used to write for us) has a message of explanation for you over on Reddit:

“These posts are usually requested by us from the narrative team outside the normal scope of what would appear in the game, because we want to hint a bit at what’s coming and blog posts are a (relatively) low-impact way to do that. It’s not that it would have gone in game but we decided to put it on the blog instead; rather, blogs are written as supplements to what you’ll find in game (which is typically pretty much finalized by the time we request a blog).”

So is Divinity’s Reach toast? How pissed off are we going to be if the best city in all of MMORPG-land is wrecked next week?

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