Wizard101 starts selling instant level 50 boosts, adds a Make-a-Wish character

Like it or hate it, the trend of instantly boosting new characters to high levels in older MMOs is spreading across the genre. The latest to embrace the craze (and business opportunity) is Wizard101, which is now selling level 50 boosts to its playerbase.

In addition to having to purchase these boosting elixirs with real money, players will need to already have a level 50 character on their account for the elixir to work. The boost will automatically complete all quests for the first story arc, equip that character with appropriate gear, and get them ready to star the Celestia storyline.

Wizard101 has been busy in other areas as well. The game has streamlined mid-level quests, tossed in two new fishing quests, added astral magic to the game, improved its user interface, and made some adjustments to its tournament system.

The team also collaborated with a kid named Brandon through the Make-a-Wish foundation to create a special NPC questgiver and mission in his honor. “Thanks for visiting with us, Brandon, and thanks for playing Wizard101!” the team wrote. “You helped us design a really cool fight that everyone is going to love… but watch out! This boss fight was designed by a pro player and is tuned to accommodate a full party of four players.”

Source: Wizard101
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