Perpetuum Online update brings in new robots and the first lighting improvements since 2012


Last week Perpetuum Online dropped Patch 3.8 on players — and life will never be the same again. Well, it’ll be very similar, actually, just with a few fun changes.

Of course, players are probably salivating at the chance of taking one of the new Syndicate robots out for a test drive. The first wave of these bots came out with 3.8, introducing the Vektor, the Locus, and the Ikarus to the game. Beyond living out your robotic fantasies, the patch added EP boosters to the reward system and delivered a lighting pass for an improved visual experience.

“For a long while already, I wanted to have another go at the lighting, environment, and post-processing setup of the game,” the devs explained. “The last one happened in 2012, so it was high time for a revisit and see if we can still make things look better.”

Source: Patch notes, more. Thanks to Segfault and Nick for the tip!
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