Visionary Realms: Pantheon is a ‘brave new world,’ not a ‘wormhole back to simpler times’

Work it over.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen says it’s reorienting its newsletter to be more community focused and has put its money where its mouth is with a community-themed dev diary. Visionary Realms’ Medawky argues that accessibility in MMO design through the years has “had the unfortunate side effect of diminishing the role that community played in the overall health of these shared worlds.” Pantheon aims to reverse that.

“As we bridge the gap back to the days of a more intense experience you will find a commonality with old school MMORPGs, a link to the past that we fiercely cling to: the central focus of this experience is that is best when we share it with each other. Make no mistake however. Pantheon isn’t a wormhole back to simpler times, nor is it the Throwback Thursday of gaming. It’s a brave new world filled with wonder and innovation, awash in not only magnificent settings and environments, but full of fresh ideas like our perception, colored mana and atmosphere systems, just to name a few.”

Capping off the newsletter are the patch notes for the game’s latest build, infused with humor. For example, it’s promising upgraded spell visuals (“MOAR SPARKLIES”), easier deletion for unwanted items (“unwanted bad groupmates are still your responsibility”), and more relaxing Meditation skill (“it actually has been for a while but we fell into a wonderful deep sleep for a while after the fix so we couldn’t post it until now”). Dad.

The /r/MMORPG subreddit will play host to an AMA with Pantheon’s Brad McQuaid next week.

Source: Newsletter
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