LOTRO community prepares the fifth annual Harnkegger Games

The Olympics aren’t the only major sporting event going on this year. Once you’ve tired of gymnastics and synchronized swimming, you can turn your attention to the Harnkegger Games in Lord of the Rings Online this fall.

The Harnkegger Games is a multi-activity player-run event that takes place on the Laurelin server for all players (even low-level ones). Players will compete in 15 different events, such as the drunken merchant race, poetry recitals, or the swim-a-run, in an attempt to win actual prizes. Turbine is lending support to this year’s games by donating 13,000 Turbine Points to be used toward the winners.

The fifth annual games will run from September 5th through the 11th. Check out the video after the jump to see which of the events might appeal to you.


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