Trion is taking Trove to China, touts ‘millions’ of players every month

Trion Worlds has confirmed that it’s bringing voxel sandbox Trove to China. It demoed the game last week at ChinaJoy through its local partner, 360 Games.

Trove, Trion Worlds’ free-to-play, pioneering voxel adventure MMO, will be coming to Chinese gamers in a completely localized form next year, through a just-completed publishing agreement with 360 Games. 360 Games, a leading Chinese game platform and publisher, is working closely with Trion to localize Trove in all respects, building on upcoming improvements to the game as well as a custom content created for the Chinese audience.

“The more than 300 million Chinese PC gamers will soon be able to experience Trove’s unique blend of action combat, adventure, collecting, and building. Those who attended ChinaJoy last week were presented with a massive recreation of the Trove voxel world in 360 Games’ enormous booth – complete with life-size voxel dragon and other characters from the game.”

Trion’s PR states that “Trove is being played by millions of gamers from more than 100 countries every month.”

Edit: Whoever runs the Trove Twitter has a great sense of humor!

Source: Press release
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