Revelation Online introduces the Ursids

The Ursids in Revelation Online are ursines of the times. They’re well-known in the game world for being honest, adaptive, fond of honey, and generally willing to bear a great deal. A new entry on the official site introduces future players to the idea of the Ursids, a race players will encounter in the mountainous forests of eastern Ausgyth, something of the polar opposites of the rather finnicky and less-flexible humans.

Ursids serve as caretakers of the woods, taking only what they need and not a single salmon more. While trade relations with the ascetic bears were initially positive, matters soon turned grizzly with exploitation of the native populace, forced servitude, and forceful expansion. Players will need to navigate relations with these hirsute humanoids carefully; you can check out all of the details in the official post on the matter.