The Daily Grind: How do you define good play in an MMO?

Mad skills.

One of the buzzwords of the modern MMO space is games promising to reward player skill rather than gear. I understand the argument being made, naturally, but I also think it kind of misses the mark. If your game has a detailed family of statistics and lots of different potential numbers to juggle, picking out the right kind of gear is player skill. Using the right build and the right abilities is a test of skill. Even in a game like World of Warcraft, success is frequently a factor of skill in the most gear-laden playstyles; you’re not clearing a Mythic raid if you have great gear but keep standing in the wrong spots.

That’s not counting the fact that there are a lot of players who would rather play with someone whose gear or performance is weaker in exchange for more pleasant banter. I get a lot of commendations in dungeons runs in Final Fantasy XIV just by being friendly and explaining boss fights to new players. So what about you, dear readers? How do you define good play in an MMO? Is it a matter of performance, attitude, equipment, or some combination of other factors?

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