The Daily Grind: What’s some weird or forgotten terminology or concept from an MMO of yore?

Way, way back in the day - and for only a relatively brief run - Ultima Online had a system that came to be...
Riding along in my hippomobile.

The Daily Grind: How good do you think you are in your MMO of choice?

If there's one thing that I've learned over the years in which I have played MMOs, it's that people who are quick to point...

The Daily Grind: Do you actually consider yourself a good MMO player?

There is an assumption, for some reason, that most people who work as game journalists are pretty bad at playing video games. I don't...

The Daily Grind: How do you feel about ‘oh shit’ buttons in MMOs?

I hate "oh shit" buttons! Justin and I were joking about this on a podcast a while back, but I mean it quite seriously. I...

EVE Evolved: Three tricks to maximize your free-to-play EVE Online account

It's now been almost one year to the day that EVE Online officially got a limited free-to-play option, and it's certainly been a boon...
This is your skillset.

The Black Death outlines the new profession system that starts you off as a plague doctor

There are no medical exams to pass when you start a new character in the next patch of The Black Death. You get to...
Train, train away.

Crowfall explains the concepts behind skill trees and time banks

Do you like dragging yourself out of bed at three in the morning because something has finished in a game and you need to...
Get a charge

Take a look at Path of Exile’s new Charged Dash skill in action

Charged Dash is a new skill coming to Path of Exile, and when you read about how it works it probably seems a little...

Here’s how Crowfall is overhauling its skill system

Crowfall's ramping up the dev blogs this week with a fresh one on the skills system. "Skills are one of the main methods of...
Practice makes something!

EVE Online is adding smaller skill injectors for newer players

The changes to PLEX for EVE Online make it easier to buy small chunks, sell small chunks, and not have all of it get...
That's not so special.

Revelation Online explains the leveling and advancement of Special Skills

Your normal skills in Revelation Online are what you use for 90% of the game, obviously. That's why they're normal skills, after all. You...

Working As Intended: A tour of 19-year-old Ultima Online

Wanna feel old? Three years ago, I wrote a Second Wind piece for Massively-that-was on Ultima Online, which had recently been turned over to Broadsword...
Mad skills.

The Daily Grind: How do you define good play in an MMO?

One of the buzzwords of the modern MMO space is games promising to reward player skill rather than gear. I understand the argument being...
Oh. All right.

Test new skills in Wild Terra’s recent update

It's all about the skills in Wild Terra's recent update, and devs look forward to hearing testers' comments on the changes. The early-access survival game...
Build that skill up.

Star Trek Online is overhauling its skill system (again)

The skill system in Star Trek Online is kind of a hot mess. It always has been, from the game's initial launch skills to...

EVE Online player buys nearly $7,000 worth of skill injectors

EVE Online's passive skill training system lets players slowly accumulate skill points over time, and until recently there was no way to actively skip ahead...

The six skills your aspiring rogue will employ in The Elder Scrolls Online’s Thieves Guild DLC

Enterprising rogues will be pursuing six new skills once The Elder Scrolls Online's Thieves Guild DLC launches next month: Finders Keepers for spotting treasures,...

Skill Trading is coming to EVE Online tomorrow, prices revealed

A few months ago, CCP Games announced its somewhat unorthodox plans to allow EVE Online players to extract and sell their skill points on...

Crowfall explains its skill system with an extensive FAQ

When Crowfall launches, it plans to have upwards of 1,500 skills available for players to choose and train. Before your eyes cross just thinking...

RuneScape adds Invention elite skill, slightly breaks the game

There's a new elite skill that's come to the skill-centric RuneScape, and it's causing both jubilation and jeers among the game's community. Invention allows players...