Crowfall explains the concepts behind skill trees and time banks

Train, train away.

Do you like dragging yourself out of bed at three in the morning because something has finished in a game and you need to immediately address it? Probably not. That would be insane. But Crowfall recognizes that it’s a possibility with its skill training system, which is why the game has time banks. If a skill finishes training and you’re offline, time starts to fill up in the bank, and you can immediately spend it on whatever you want to train next, with VIP players able to bank up to 30 days of accumulated time. Players will also be able to use skill tomes to transfer banked time, thus ensuring that newer players can catch up with veterans.

VIP players will have the edge in terms of how many things can be trained at once, but they won’t be able to progress faster than other players while training; a VIP player can train two separate skills at once, but not the same skill twice as fast. You can catch the full overview on the official site so you know exactly how the game will help you train up your skills over time and how you can be sure to balance the demands of your time.


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Sunken Visions

Building PvP games around vertical progression is a bad idea. VP is a tool that is supposed to facilitate a players journey. If everyone is just trying to increase their power, then progression serves only to segregate people and waste their time.

It should be clear that these companies design massive time sinks on purpose. They want people to spend as much money as possible on a minimal amount of content, while catering to the hardcore players desire to be stronger than casuals.

I can’t imagine how toxic the community is going to be in this game.

Pedge Jameson

My lungs hurt I am laughing so hard.