Crowfall explains its skill system with an extensive FAQ


When Crowfall launches, it plans to have upwards of 1,500 skills available for players to choose and train. Before your eyes cross just thinking about the nightmare of having to sort all of that out, know that ArtCraft has posted a new FAQ about the skill system so that you can begin to get a handle on it now.

Players will get to train two skills at any given time (or four if their account is flagged for VIP status). Most skills can be leveled to 100, although there are a select few that can be pushed into epic territory and perhaps reach level 200. The crows-and-vessels system is intimately connected to the skill system, and players will find many ways to differentiate their characters by selecting various paths on the skill tree.

The FAQ also went into depth about how the skill system trains in real-time, a la EVE Online: “Skills advance passively, over-time. We don’t require you to ‘grind monsters’ or repeat simple tasks to increase your skill levels. A player can use the skill tree interface to set a number of his skills to advance. Players will then begin to earn experience points (XP) in the selected skill(s) in real world time — even when they aren’t online.  Every few seconds, skill XP points will trickle into your selected skill(s), giving you increased benefits outlined above and unlocking new skills that you can elect to train in the future.”

Source: Skills FAQ
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