The six skills your aspiring rogue will employ in The Elder Scrolls Online’s Thieves Guild DLC


Enterprising rogues will be pursuing six new skills once The Elder Scrolls Online’s Thieves Guild DLC launches next month: Finders Keepers for spotting treasures, Swiftly Forgotten for being inconspicuous, Haggling for making bank, Timely Escape for getting away, Veil of Shadows for sneaking around, and our favorite, Clemency, for shmoozing the guards.

ZeniMax’s latest dev diary details all of these skills as well as the larceny system, which opens up a slew of new quests for thieves, including tips, heists, “reacquisitions,” treasures, bounties, and home invasions.

The blog post also discusses how mementos will find their way out of your inventory and into the collections menu, as well as how players will make use of new assistant NPCs, “special characters that provide a specific service when summoned.”

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