Shroud of the Avatar summer telethon, lot selection continue today


Shroud of the Avatar is in the midst of another summer telethon celebrating the expiration of pledges and offering funding stretch goals to backers in this final fundraising period. Portalarium will be streaming the festivities and performing the usual demeaning activities for your amusement.

The latest newsletter digs into the rebuild of Port Graff, an area on the western coast of Drachvald known for its role in the gem trade. Lot selection for early backers continues as well. “Brittany Fields continues to dominate in popularity, though there are a few lots available if you wish to call this area home!” writes Portalarium. “There are also several lots still left in Ardoris, Brookside, Noreach, Brittany Alleys, and many other cities and towns across New Brittania.”

Massively OP’s MJ Guthrie recently returned to the mostly launched game and was surprised at how much better she found it. You can watch her exploration below:


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