Dark and Light confirms a buy-to-play, sub-free business model


Community confusion over Dark and Light’s payment model was cleared up on Snail Games’ Facebook page earlier this evening: The rereleased sandbox will indeed be a buy-to-play title without a subscription.

“Yesterday we posted a comment stating that Dark and Light’s payment model would be Pay to Play, implying that it would require a recurring subscription fee in order to play,” Snail clarified via social media. “This statement was made in error; Dark and Light will officially release as a Buy to Play game, meaning you will pay once for the game with no recurring subscription fee. We apologize for the confusion – more information about Dark and Light’s release plans will be released in the near future.”

Earlier this month, Snail announced its plans to resurrect the game, which has been plagued with name changes and lawsuits for the last decade.

Source: Reddit, Facebook. Thanks, Kinya!
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