Anarchy Online hopes to be on Steam by the end of 2016


Cross your fingers and wish on a falling star for Anarchy Online, as the classic MMO is working hard with Steam to get its game on the platform by the end of the year. It sounds as though some technical issues have been holding the game back from making an appearance.

“Over the past couple of months, we have been working with Valve to enable Anarchy Online to run via Steam,” wrote Lead Designer Henry Senger in a monthly development update. “In order to make this happen, some changes needed to happen with their platform, which took longer than we had expected. Truth be told, however, I am still a little starstruck that Valve made a change to Steam just for us. Fanboying aside, this week showed the first real signs of progress towards getting AO on Steam, as we were able to log in and play without the previous issues we had encountered.”

Senger also teased fans with the mention of a new solo instance “deep under the festering pumpkin patch” for this year’s Halloween festivities.

Source: Monthly development update. Thanks David!
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