Apparently hacked No Man’s Sky account tweets that the game was a ‘mistake’

[We’re updating as we go here!] A Hello Games representative — or at least someone with access to the right email account — told Polygon this morning that it was indeed Sean Murray who tweeted out, “No Man’s Sky was a mistake” from the official studio Twitter just before dawn this morning.

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The tweet was removed and the Hello Games twitter account was set to private in the aftermath.

“The tweet is from me, but somebody from the team took it down. […] We have not been coping well,” Polygon was told through Murray’s email account. The publication was not immediately able to verify that it was Sean Murray tweeting or emailing, however, as he “hasn’t responded to follow up emails.” [Though it seems clear now: See update below.]

Hello Games has been under extreme fire from reviewers and fans alike for launching a game that doesn’t quite match the marketing promises made along the way, prompting industry discussions over hype, refunds, and the very nature of multiplayer and online play. The studio is also under investigation by a UK advertising watchdog group, which has fielded numerous complaints about the game.

Earlier this month, Hello Games’ Paul Weir told Twitter that “Sean is fine and we’re all busy on the next patch.” Murray hasn’t tweeted or responded to fans himself in almost three months. [Or hadn’t, anyway; see update below.]

Source: Reddit, Polygon
Update: Sean Murray (apparently) is now tweeting with the implication that the studio account was hacked, though it’s not fully clear how Linkedin/Twitter/Email are related here. (Thanks to Hugmonster for pointing this out!)

Mashable reports that Hello Games’ official email account has declared that the tweets came from a disgruntled employee.


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