Star Citizen dishes on alpha 2.6 progress and procedural planets


This week’s Star Citizen Around the Verse is ostensibly a check-in with the Frankfurt team, but there’s quite a bit of teasing for 2.6 as well.

“Alpha 2.6 has been making some great progress,” says CIG’s Forrest Stephan. “The Evocati have been hammering away with the new flight balancing so watch out, design has been wrapping up a few new missions for Crusader. The music logic system is pretty much done. The ship team have two new ships [the Herald and the Vanguard Hoplite] that are feature complete and ready for release. […] On the Arena Commander, art had been polishing up some new item pickup system and the pirates have been starting to really swarm about, so be careful. New cameras are in showing off new sweet camera angles. There‚Äôs just so much stuff.”

From Frankfurt itself, there’s a deep-dive into procedural planets and the Homestead demo once again. Early on in the development, there was no diversity — “it was either a big, rocky planet or a jungle planet or a desert planet” — so the team built what it’s calling ecosystems to flesh out the assets being created and deposited. The planet stuff begins around 10 minutes in, and you can watch it all below.


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