Techno-turkeys invade Trove

You gotta love Trove: The game has absolutely no reservations about being odd in the name of fun, nor hesitations that adding, say, a techno-turkey is somehow going to break down the intricate lore of the world.

Oh, we’re not making up techno-turkeys, by the way. They’re a very real thing that are flapping and gobbling into Trove this week as part of the game’s Thanksgiving event. “Turkeytopia returns to Trove, but this time it’s personal,” Trion Worlds said. “The Dragonfire Peaks are alive with the sound of turkeys. These aggressive avians are in a fowl mood and the molten lava pits have them stewing in their own juices!”

By fighting off the giant birds, players can extract loot stuffing from their innards and enjoy rewards such as hats, recipes, and rare mounts. Trove is bringing back old favorite mounts while adding a few new ones. Our favorite? The cooked-but-strangely-ambulatory “roast rider.”

To give players even more of a reason to log in this week, Trove is holding a Freebie Friday with 24 extra daily loot chests, an 100% XP boost, double cubit star bar payout, and, er, more jumping. Maybe we shouldn’t have ended with that last one.


Source: Trove

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