The Exiled adds in a clan finder and whispering chat

Everything is working great, dude.

A fair chunk of gameplay in The Exiled does involve having a clan to call your own, but up until now finding one has mostly been a matter of meeting the right people at the right time. The game’s latest patch adds in a new clan finder feature, allowing players to search for clans in the game as well as advertising a clan if you’re already part of one. It also adds the ability to whisper to other players, ensuring that your conversations with fellow clan members about joining need not be broadcast to the world.

Other improvements with the patch include proper animations for new bow models, the first version of some in-game structures, and the usual array of bug fixes. There’s not a whole lot of content in the patch, but if you’ve been without faithful companions thus far, just adding the ability to find the clan that’s right for you can be enough to transform the whole experience of the game.

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