Crowfall is retiring 2016 pledge packages on December 5


There’s just a few days left for you to pick up older Crowfall pledge packages, ArtCraft reminded players this week. “We had originally planned to retire these 2016 packages and strongholds on Thursday, December 1st, but are extending these options until Monday, December 5th, since we forgot to remind you about it last week,” says the team. Come Monday, the packages sold on the website will be replaced with their 2017 version. The original Kickstarter packages and 2015 packages are already retired.

What’s in the packages? Everything from game and testing access to account perks and strongholds, but the idea is that “new pledge packages will be offered each year and they will always be good, but the previous ones will always be a little better.” You can even make use of the layaway system for really large pledges.

The studio also posted up two streams from earlier in the month: one showing the art lead creating new Elken Stalker concept art, the other starring a senior animator designing the Confessor’s unarmed default attack. We’ve included both below.