Crowfall locks up EU store credit

More for the slaughter once again.

An unexpected snag in Crowfall’s digital store is prompting ArtCraft to make some changes to its European operations.

“An interesting side-effect of having an official ‘presence’ in Europe is that we can no longer allow people to have in store ‘credit’ in real-world currency.  (EU laws don’t allow you to hold on to real-world currency unless you are a bank!),” ArtCraft explained. “Only those who (1) live in Europe, and (2) have stored credit on their account will be affected.”

For the time being, ArtCraft is freezing the influx and use of EU store credit. The studio said that it can’t offer refunds, as most of the credit wasn’t purchased with real-world currency. The credit will be converted to an in-game currency at a future date that can be used to purchase store items. ArtCraft said that details about this currency and the conversion rate will be revealed in the future.

Source: Crowfall
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