SWTOR nerfs command XP after community farms mobs

The new galactic command endgame system that arrived in last week’s SWTOR: Knights of the Eternal Throne has been steeped in controversy ever since its announcement. The system is taking another such hit this week as BioWare scrambled to close a path that allowed players to advance faster than devs anticipated.

So what apparently happened is that some players realized that they could grind, grind, grind out the command XP to the weekly cap by continually farming gold mobs. The studio’s response to this was to nerf the XP for these mobs from 10 per kill down to (wait for it) one.

Needed or not, the nerf certainly rubbed many players the wrong way according to several forum and Reddit posts on the subject. “[Mobs] were actually rewarding to kill and I found myself looking for new ways of getting around areas I could navigate in my sleep,” one player posted. “Doing bonus missions I would have never considered otherwise. It opened up a completely new way to play for me, and now I feel like I’ve just had a door slammed in my face.”

It wasn’t all dissent, as some defended the nerf: “It wasn’t just one person who was exploiting the system. On every active server I play on, folks were creating CXP farm groups to kill elites and champions for hours non-stop. These groups were completely invalidating the entire galactic command system. The nerf was obvious and inevitable. Don’t blame BioWare for the nerf. Blame the player base for trying to get over on the system.”

BioWare has not responded to posts on the subject.

Source: Official forums #1, #2. Thanks Sray155 and Afro Thunder!
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