WRUP: Gifts for some edition

ho ho no

It’s that time of year once again, when the Massively Overpowered staff loads into a sleigh and prepares to bring presents to all of the good boys and girls. Then, somewhere over Milwaukee, that plan changes to most of the good boys and girls. By the time we’re in Pittsburgh, we’re now delivering presents to the most good boys and girls, ranked chiefly by a sorting algorithm that we illegally downloaded from a GeoCities site that has somehow stayed up because no one told it that GeoCities was dead.

Usually we hit a bar in Pittsburgh, just to “get our groove back,” and things get a little blurry. Last year, I remember waking up in my front yard with my head in a dollhouse and a pair of crudely constructed Lego shoes along with a piece of wrapping paper in my pocket which said “to David (sic)” and another one which just read “call Bob, important.” I don’t know anyone named Bob. Now that you’re feeling your face just melt from sheer overwhelming holiday cheer or whatever, let us know What Are You Playing on this holiday weekend. We’ve got gifts to load on a sleigh this year, most of which will hopefully reach some kids.

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): I’ll need to do some serious Pokémon Go since, for some reason, we’re doing Brazilian BBQ buffet Saturday and Christmas dinner the next day, and the rainy weather in Southern California’s already impeding on my workout. I’m trying to avoid becoming Santa-sized! I’ll probably do some Overwatch since I need that Yeti Winston outfit. I’m half tempted to log into at least Asheron’s Call to see if they’ve loaded in a past Christmas event.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Realistically, probably nothing serious. I would like to play some Marvel Heroes with my son, though! We’ve been logging in every day to get our goodies. Don’t forget!

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Aside from holiday stuff, I’ll be fitting in a little time for Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft over the weekend. Maybe a bit of sleeping here and there, who knows.

Your turn!


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