Love and skates: The Secret World offers Valentine goodies and new challenge


Love is in the air! And according to The Secret World, it’s more of a plague. But players may actually be interested in catching what’s going around; throughout the rest of February, there are various Valentine’s Day-themed apparel and goodies to collects, including corsages and jewelry, stuffed bears, and even a red scooter. Satchels of Amorous Delights, filled with these cosmetics and consumables, are available from both the Merchant of Eros in the city hubs (for Black Bullion or Pax) and the item store (for Funcom or bonus points). Players can also grab a pair of heart pajamas from the item store as well as a Bag of Saint Valentinus to share.

Speaking of love, if you’d love a pair of roller skates but weren’t lucky enough to get one from the RGN bags before, you can earn yourself a pair now. Funcom has introduced a new challenge (remember the Doomboard?), the completion of which nets a spiffy pair of gravity skates. This time you have over a month to complete just 35 challenges. With six different challenges offered each day and eight each week, you could be zipping along on your very own pair before the weekend is out. However, if this week is already busy with *ahem* other stuff, you’ve still got until March 19th before the challenge ends and your chance to get the skates skitters away.

Source: Valentine’s goodies, gravity skate challenge. Thanks to John and Crow for the tips!
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