It appears to be... a rock.

The Daily Grind: Do you prefer risky or reliable strategies in an MMO?

Back when I cut my teeth on MMORPG play in Final Fantasy XI, there were accepted strategies for gaining levels via normal leveling. You...

The Soapbox: Casuals and soloers need challenging MMO content too

In a recent press Q&A around the announcement of Elder Scrolls Online's Gold Road chapter, Zenimax creative director Rich Lambert appeared to dismiss the...
But... but we even got cold again for you.

The Daily Grind: What’s the idea challenge level for you for endgame content in an MMO?

Today's question is not about whether or not your MMO of choice delivers the endgame challenge level that you're looking for; rather, it's about...
Every so often.

The Daily Grind: How much of your desire to clear difficult MMO content is social?

Not everyone likes or wants to do challenging content in MMOs. There's a lot to unpack in what motivates people to take on this...
Take on me.

The Daily Grind: What motivates you to complete challenging content in MMOs?

There's absolutely nothing wrong with not wanting to do challenging content in any given MMO; that's just not what everyone is there for. But...
Leg ends

Magic: Legends explains how its ramping difficulty mechanics work

Do you want to make life harder for yourself in Magic: Legends? There are good reasons to do so, as outlined in the game's latest...
This is really what you're going with, huh.

The Daily Grind: Is personal challenge or group challenge more important to you in an MMO?

In any kind of MMO, there are a lot of different challenges to endure. They do, however, tend to split a fair bit between personal...

Dungeons and Dragons Online winds down its second permadeath server

With piles of corpses heaped in its virtual graveyard, Dungeons and Dragons Online's second "hardcore" server has ended its run. The limited-duration permadeath shard...

The Daily Grind: Is there MMO content you won’t do because it’s too difficult?

The difficulty of raids in World of Warcraft does not contribute one whit to my lack of desire to take part in raids in World of...
The core here is so hard.

The Daily Grind: What’s a hardcore MMO to you?

Sometimes we have ads that get me thinking. Case in point, the most recent ad on our site for the upcoming Lineage 2 classic...

Massively Overthinking: What we really mean when we talk about ‘difficulty’ in MMORPGs

Massively OP reader Steve wants us to revisit the Daily Grind on making death more meaningful without making it more annoying. His letter was long, so...
Domo arigatou.

Blade & Soul patches in a fight against a robot

A new Blade & Soul patch has arrived, and it is indisputably the best patch the game has seen because it allows you to...
Choo choo, mothertrucker.

The Daily Grind: Should MMOs offer open-world challenge modes?

This question is not about World of Warcraft's upcoming PvP mode switch. Don't get me wrong, that's a cool option; you either explore the...

Path of Exile digs to the bottom of the upcoming Abyss League

There's something nasty under the ground in Path of Exile. No, worse than those gross pillbugs you would find under big rocks when you...

Kritika Online patches Starhenge adjustments and Green Leaf damage decreases

Sometimes you go a bit too far. It happens. Kritika Online made some changes to Starhenge with its last patch to make the content...

WildStar looks forward to more Prime difficulty content over the next year

The first major WildStar patch of 2017 unlocked the Primal Matrix and added the Prime difficulty level for select dungeons. What's next for the...
Same as it ever was.

Diablo III is ending Season 9 on March 17

Have you done everything you wanted to do in Diablo III's Season 9 challenge? If not, the good news is that you still have...

Path of Exile shows off the many, many challenges of the Legacy Challenge League

When Path of Exile patch 2.6 launches, you're going to have some challenges to overcome. The Legacy Challenge League boasts 40 different challenges for...

Love and skates: The Secret World offers Valentine goodies and new challenge

Love is in the air! And according to The Secret World, it's more of a plague. But players may actually be interested in catching...
Everything is fine.

Riders of Icarus plans adjustments for Legendary dungeons

How do you feel about the Legendary dungeons in Riders of Icarus? Do you feel that they're tuned to just the right difficulty and...