Path of Exile shows off the many, many challenges of the Legacy Challenge League

When Path of Exile patch 2.6 launches, you’re going to have some challenges to overcome. The Legacy Challenge League boasts 40 different challenges for players to clear, and some of them may be easy, but others will be difficult. And you’re going to want to clear as many as you can. Hitting 12, 24, and 36 challenges completed each reward you with a special cosmetic effect, from Legacy Footprints to the Legacy Portal ability, and you’ll want all of the above.

In addition, from the 19th challenge on, every 3 challenges completed will award you a new leg on a challenge totem pole that you can display as a mark of your accomplishments. Check out the cosmetic rewards in the video just below, and take a look at the full rundown for all 40 challenges on the official site.

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