The Daily Grind: Is personal challenge or group challenge more important to you in an MMO?

This is really what you're going with, huh.

In any kind of MMO, there are a lot of different challenges to endure. They do, however, tend to split a fair bit between personal challenge or group challenge, regardless of whether the content is done in a group or solo. A personal challenge means that the difficulty and the penalty entirely falls on you; for example, if a boss has a mechanic you personally have to mitigate and failing to do so will kill you but not harm the rest of the group, that’s personal challenge. Group challenge, meanwhile, is much more focused on overall coordination and shared effort, like a server-wide crafting event in which you compete with other servers.

I don’t think either kind of challenge is inherently better or worse, but both types do challenge different sorts of play and attach different levels of responsibility to the individual. So which matters more to you in an MMO? Is performing at your best the most important part of a fun MMO challenge for you, or would you rather be tested on your ability to coordinate with the remainder of your group?

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Personal challenge, almost entirely. I tend to play either alone, or with 1-2 other folks. I participate in guild activities, but only if they benefit the guild as a whole – for example, our guild does World Boss runs in a different zone every other week in ESO, so newer guild members can get the achievement for that zone. I have them all, but I run it anyway to help out others.

I don’t PUG; I’ve had bad experiences in multiple games, and I just don’t need some malicious moron ruining a night’s gaming. I get precious little time to play as it is, without having someone spoil it “for the lulz.”

I can and have participated in activities like raids in WoW, group events in GW2, and trials in ESO, but I’m damned particular about the group. I won’t play with strangers – I have to know the people with whom I’m grouped, and know that we’re going to succeed or fail as a team.


Personal challenge all the way. I utterly loathe when I can “lose” due to a random stranger I happen to be grouped up with messing things.

It’s why I always say I want the standard difficult to group size relationship in MMOs inverted; make solo content the most challenging, small group content easy enough you can get through on the first try with people who aren’t oblivious about how to play, and raid content faceroll-easy.


Challenge as a concept is overrated and doesn’t interest me in the slightest.

Kevin Smith

I prefer solo mostly because I don’t really play to many games in a group anymore. I jump in randomly and leave randomly. Real life has my attention more these days. I have never liked punishing the group for a mistake that one person makes though. Hate mechanics where if one person misses their cue all the sudden the group is dead. Sure you can make things harder for missing cues but to many games go to the extreme.


I don’t do “group” challenges. If I can’t do it on my own, then for me it might as well not exist. If I participate in some kind of “server wide” event, it’s soley for whatever rewards it unlocks for me. No rewards for me? Then I have other things to do.

So I guess to answer the question: Personal challenges matter more, because group challenges don’t matter to me at all.


For MMOs I would say group success is more satisfying to me. I’m a team lead in multiple disciples in real life, and I find that really satisfying when my group is successful. I imagine it would be much the same in an MMO. The problem is finding the time. I don’t think I really have time for raids in WoW, but I may try to find a guild that runs M+ dungeons once Shadowlands releases. We’ll see.

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Richard de Leon III

Personal for me. I play all mmos as a solo player.

Axetwin .

IF I were to ever to ever come across an MMO that actually did personal challenge right, I would pick that. But so far, I have never played one. The idea of “challenging content” in MMOs is always enemies that deal WAAAAAY too much damage, and then one of the following on top, immune to all CC’s, have extremely bloated health bars, or have frequent/long lasting periods of invulnerability. Except for actual bosses, which is the quadfecta.


What matters to me the most is the story when it comes down to any game that I play, however for gameplay, either one is fine depending how they are designed. I dislike high difficulty aspects of gameplay where if I messed up, the whole group will be blaming me, expectually if I have any difficulty. People are normally impatiant and they won’t hesitate to drop you if you don’t put up your game face on. That is the reality that I faced in many mmo aspects, from doing harder raids in WoW, and doing day one releases of trails in FFXIV.

I do enjoy a bit of challenge but not to much personally, and luckily there only a few games that can put that up, but anything that deals with other players, like PvP events. I will not participate on those events unless I can play support at any time (grab a medic kit and heal players, grab a repair kit and repair those trebuchets, put down landmines in these locations, etc). I perfer to play support in PvP games so I don’t feel like that I am dragging my team down in the offense, when I can make it up behind the scene that can push the whole team forward, when their trebuchets are high health and loaded, when we suffer defeat and I come on in with a mass ress while the enemy is distracted, and we turn the tables on them, while I’m healing the rest of the team including well known killers that showed their awesome work.


Group, if you include the two pigtails…