Path of Exile digs to the bottom of the upcoming Abyss League

There’s something nasty under the ground in Path of Exile. No, worse than those gross pillbugs you would find under big rocks when you were a kid; this is something wrong. So naturally, you’re going to look for the cracks in the ground leading there when the game’s next challenge league kicks off with the release of the game’s next expansion.

The new challenge league features cracks in the earth that spawn vicious monsters. Pursuing those cracks to their sources leads to the rifts that are spawning these monsters down below; if you’re very lucky, you might even get a chance to travel into the Abyssal Depths. There are new Abyss Jewels and Abyss Armor to go along with these new challenges, so players will have every reason to head into the dark places where light has no purchase. Because, really, you’ll get new stuff. Isn’t that the point?

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