HEX celebrates Scars of War release with special weekend tournaments

HEX’s big Scars of War expansion launches today, and HEX Entertainment is celebrating with a round of special tournaments over the weekend. Starting on Friday, March 3rd, at 1:00 p.m. EST, players can participate in a Draft Gauntlet Queue, a Sealed Gauntlet Queue, or an Evo Gauntlet Queue for a chance to win prizes, including two exclusive alternate art cards and platinum. The gauntlets will conclude at 1:00 p.m. on Monday, March 6th. For full details on the exact entry fees and prizes for each gauntlet, check out the official site.

Those who join in these battles will be restricted to only using decks created from Scars of War booster packs. Not sure which cards you’ll want to build a your tournament deck with? Check out the full listing of all new cards being added to the game in this special spoiler post on the official site.


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I’m yet to make a deck with last set’s ..set of cards. I really want to play this game but I can’t focus long enough to make deck.

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I am still tying to bumble my way through the pve stuff so yeah this is way beyond me :-)