Shooter denied bond in Virginia Pokemon Go murder case

Avec les hommes et le Pokey.

Back in January, we reported on the tragic case of Jiansheng Chen, a 60-year-old Virginia resident who was playing Pokemon Go in his family’s Chesapeake neighborhood when he was shot and killed by what was supposed to be an unarmed security guard.

More details have since come to light, as reported by local news. The shooter, a 21-year-old man named Johnathan Cromwell, has been charged with second degree murder and use of a firearm and was denied bond by the judge this week. State attorneys allege that Cromwell “confronted” Chen while Chen was seated in his car parked at the neighborhood clubhouse, a known Pokemon Go gym. Cromwell allegedly positioned his vehicle in front of Chen’s, exited his car, yelled stop, fired one bullet into the car at Chen, then moved to the other side of the vehicle and fired seven more, hitting the elderly man, who was of Chinese descent and spoke little English, a total of five times.

Cromwell’s lawyers assert that their client acted in self-defense and that Chen had previously been asked to stay away from the neighborhood clubhouse after dark.

Source: WTKR

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Roger Christie

Asked to stay away from the clubhouse after dark. All righty then, that certainly justifies immediate execution!

Bryan Cole

This just sounds fishy to me. If it was so clear cut the defense wouldn’t have anything to stand on. Just like typical news stories and media, I think we’re only seeing/hearing part of the picture here. Who knows what this Chinese man was doing, maybe he was photo stalking kids around there, something worse, maybe nothing. All the comments below show me that no one takes the time to think outside the box and take everything said via media as full truth. Reminds me of the current state of World media only showing the facts that are sensational whether they help or hinder being of no concern.


How do you know that people haven’t considered various scenarios? That’s an agressive assumption in itself. Suppose he was photo-stalking kids, how does that justify being shot 7 times? How does it justify being shot at all?

Regardless of what the scenario could have been it still remains an unjustifiable use of force for the scenario that occurred.
Did the security guard have the right to block him? Did Chen think that someone car blocking him and shooting at him was trying to rob him (or worse) and simply looked to escape?

Roger Christie

Don’t be that guy.


Too many people in America have firearms. Owning one is a huge responsibility that needs to come with more scrutiny and training.

Even after all these years, I still remember the time I placed my 9mm down on the firing range table with a round in the chamber. I was at the qualification shoot during Plebe Summer at the Naval Academy and it was the first time I had ever handled a firearm in my life.

It didn’t matter to the Range Safety Officer (a Navy Chief) that I was inexperienced, or that the magazine had been removed, or that the safety was on. All that mattered was that a round was in the chamber and that the slide wasn’t locked to the rear. I hadn’t followed instructions. I hadn’t been careful or thoughtful enough. I forgot an important step and threatened the lives of everyone around me.

I forget how far he made me run. It was far even for the Cross Country runner version of me that existed at that time.

But that’s not why I remember the incident. I remember it because the Chief went running with me, making me repeat after him as he read out the firearm safety procedures from the manual. He didn’t stop until we had been through the book 10 times.

Through qualifying double-Expert (in handguns and rifles), 4 years on the Naval Academy high-power rifle team, a trip through Quantico’s Marine Corps Sniper Training School, active duty service as the ship’s sniper, and even one abjectly terrifying live-fire engagement onboard a civilian vessel, I’ve never again mishandled a weapon. I’ve never considered a firearm to be the first tool at my disposal when resolving a conflict. I’ve never left a firearm within easy reach of ANYONE — including MYSELF — to prevent impulsive use.

How much longer are we going to let the 2nd Amendment be perverted for the purpose of selling more firearms, frequently to people who have no business having them? How much more blood will American Citizens have to shed in blind obedience to the letter of a law that was written well over 200 years ago?

Wendigo Runner

Good. God. They’re all insane. Self defense against what? An elderly man seated in a parked car. And yelled stop? Stop what? Taking his gym?

8 shots. I can’t even.

John Mclain

Yeah there is no refuting that this was obvious murder. Unless some MAJOR details are being omitted, this trial will be over before lunch.


Welcome to America


There is no defense here. This is a slam dunk for the prosecution. Going to jail.

Kickstarter Donor

Unloading into an elderly chinese person because he was parked and on his phone. Yeah… I don’t see any leaps of insanity.

*blocks exit* STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Shoots at him* STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! *walks around and unloads his gun into an old person*

The guard probably “owned” the gym and was tired of getting his ass whooped so he chased his competition away.


“His father did not want to appear on camera, but he told News 3 that his family and Citywide are standing behind him “one hundred percent.”

He also feels it will come out that the shooting was justified.”

There’s something seriously wrong with the killer’s family too. Justifying killing someone for just parking there! WTF!