Post-apoc MMO Edengrad will enter Steam early access April 4

Post-apoc MMO Edengrad will enter Steam early access April 4

Fallout-inspired post-apoc MMO Edengrad is one step closer to launch today as it’s announced it’ll hit Steam’s early access program on April 4th, following a day-long stream. Expect it to run $12.99.

The Polish game was Kickstarted last year to the tune of $56,000 and was originally expected to hit early access last fall. We originally dubbed the game a survival sandbox, but the devs are calling it a “survival mmorpg” specifically.

“Gameplay rests on mechanics known from Sandbox productions, in which players have no set down destination, but everyone freely chooses interesting quests and take their paths,” Huckleberry Games says. “At the beginning, player’s everyday responsibilities include collecting firewood, building shelters, hunting small game and hydrating the character’s body. This phase finishes after finding fellow travelers and formalizing an acquaintance through formation of the fraction. Creation of micro-communities guarantees all members benefits inaccessible to a single player. […] A non-linear gameplay and dynamic turn of events will keep every player engrossed in the world of Edengrad for long months.”

Most recently, the studio discussed its new building system with faster construction tools.

Source: Official site. Cheers, BabaGra.PL!

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If the entry price is cheap, say $10-$15, Then I’ll give this a whirl.

Bruno Brito

Not. Touching. Early. Accesses.

Sythalin Chambers

So another “survival” game where you do the exact same things as every other “survival” game. I have 5 of them already, think I’ll pass on this one.

Art Mangon

what kind of jokeß do u see banner with date= 04.04.2017 btw people which bought game on kickstarter or antoher crowding page, play everyday and help gm to release.


I feel like there might be some kind of joke the devs are making that I’m missing with that 4.04 release date.


Looking forward to it!