The Daily Grind: Are you excited about Secret World Legends?

I quite like the setting behind The Secret World, and the game had some very neat ideas about progression and character builds. For my money, that didn’t make up for atrocious combat and somewhat lopsided balance issues, but it meant that I was quite excited to hear about Secret World Legends back when it was just “the relaunch for The Secret World.”

Now, though? I don’t know. The announcement seems like it lacks a lot of substantive statements like what the future is for The Secret World or what precisely differentiates the two; is Secret World Legends built more like a single-player game where you can invite friends? How much is shared online by default? Is content only coming to this version from now on? Yes, I’ve read the press releases and interviews multiple times, but there’s still a lot of vagueness and implications that don’t really deliver much in the way of firm answers.

I’m still cautiously optimistic, of course, because the idea of the base game with better combat is appealing, but there’s a lot that is unfortunately unclear and offers space to worry and be confused. What about you, readers? Are you excited about Secret World Legends?

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Little Bugbear

I’m hopeful, but nervous.

Kickstarter Donor

Excited? Not really. Intrigued? Most definitely. One (or perhaps that should be two) to watch, certainly.

Aaron Biegalski

The more I think about it, the more I think that I could really be into this idea.

I liked TSW for it’s amazing storytelling, lore, and style. I was never truly sold on the ‘MMOness’ of it all. So I am thinking that perhaps if they smash it a little into a more accessible ‘online action-RPG’, I actually might be more interested.

Like everyone else, I don’t really have a good picture in my head of how this is all going to work. But I am very curious.


I’m in the same boat of not really getting what SWL is going to be, even after reading a couple articles more than once. I was curious about it when I thought it was what TSW was going to turn into, but now it’s like a separate game? That worries me.

John Mclain

As long as it totally scraps the crap combat system currently in the secret world, and updates character models and animations beyond the low-end of the playstation 2 era, then consider me sold.

Loved the environments (Though monsters were a little too clumped together into farming areas that made no sense.) and loved the storytelling. But the combat dragged the game into almost the “crap” category all by itself.

Ben Stone

The combat revamp alone will get me to check it out. I loved everything about the game except the combat (and maybe the character models). If they managed to fix that then I would be pretty happy.

Melissa McDonald

Some food for thought here. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 reveal yesterday included DEX, their new desktop interface. Your Galaxy S8 will be able to convert to a desktop computer and cast to a monitor, support keyboard and mouse, keyboard shortcuts like CTL-C/V, multi-window computing, a file manager, and all your Android Apps there on the larger screen. In short, Android is about to rise up to challenge MacOS and Windows. Android and it’s offline file system are hands down > Chrome OS, which seems to be dying out. The “bastard son of Linux”, i.e. Ivar The Wireless, is about to rampage.
So. Yeah. Mobile gaming. Android gaming. Betta take notice!

Melissa McDonald

The truthful answer is that I uninstalled TSW last night. If their intention was for me to sever ties with TSW, then they succeeded. At any rate, I needed the room to play around with ANSEL in ARK.


“Are you excited about Secret World Legends?”

Recycled content spun and pitched poorly. Hmm.. I think recycled paper napkins at taco bell used as toilet paper might be in the same benchmark range of excitement.

Nathan Aldana

If they announce new zones and questlines, maybe. Until then, no, not really.

combat revamps alone dont reassure me that they have any plans whatsoever for the future.