Palmer Luckey departs Oculus

this is duuuuuuuumb

The founder of Oculus has officially left the building. Palmer Luckey, co-founder of the company, has left the company and Facebook (as the owner of Oculus) as of Friday. An official statement by the company wishes his the best of luck, but requests for clarification from the press over whether it was a voluntary departure or not have so far been met with silence. So feel free to develop your own conspiracy theories.

Luckey has already not had a particularly good year, with the high-profile personal and professional legal loss to ZeniMax¬†over Oculus serving retroactively as his last major appearance for the company. It’s up to you whether you consider this departure to be a good or bad thing for VR as a whole, although it’s important to note that Luckey has been one of the most vociferous industry voices in support of the technology.

Source: Upload VR via Polygon; thanks to Ceder for the tip!
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