TERA brings in some new dragons and banishes the old dragons

We're dragons!
Were you excited when TERA first introduced its current crop of riding dragons? Maybe. But now those dragons are boring and dumb, and so your interest can only be retained by the introduction of new dragons that are much cooler than the old, boring dragons. That’s why the game is bringing out a new crop of bone dragons and telling all of the old versions of dragons to take a hike and never come back.

The net result is that all of the cash shop methods of acquiring the current crop of dragons will be retired on April 20th, which is (not coincidentally) when the new round of dragons will be introduced. You will still be able to pick up the old dragons in the Dragon Scale or Dragon Token shop, but that will be the only way. So it’s out with the old, in with the new, and if you really want those existing dragons, you should work on that before next Thursday.


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Chris Moss

Are they female only?


I think these are flying mounts too though I only started playing again after a year.

I enjoy questing but this is like my 4th character going through the MSQ so it does get a little old. I was able to get a free temporary flying mount while leveling and wow it really makes a difference. Not only that its faster but you get to see the game from a whole different view.

All in all I’m really glad the devs put flying in this game


Yea they keep adding new areas almost every patch though I haven’t kept up which area, so far I’m up to the second continent allethemia and haven’t found any areas I couldn’t fly in.

I’m just using the temporary free one but if I had to level another character I would definitely get a flying mount