Exis Interactive announces Dragonhold, a PvPvE dragon MMO-ish extraction shooter

If you're an MMORPG player, the word "Dragonhold" probably sounds familiar, and that's because it's the name of an Elder Scrolls Online DLC that...
This is shameful even by your standards.

The Daily Grind: Who’s got the best MMO dragons?

OK, I'll confess that I am so not a dragon guy. I don't get the appeal, I don't find them awe-inspiring, and I roll...
You get a dragon, and you get a dragon, and so on.

Black Desert PC and console launches Dawn of Dragons and the Drakania Awakening

Who would want to celebrate the end of dragons? Maybe some games are about that, but Black Desert is going all-in on dragons with...

Not So Massively: First impressions of Century Age of Ashes

Dragons are ubiquitous to the point of over-exposure in gaming these days. And yet for all that, there are still very few games that...

Guild Wars 2: Dragon mounts in War Eternal, living world mini-event, Ritualist outfit datamining, and new short story

Guild Wars 2 is getting yet another mount: the Skyscale. As detailed by Eurogamer today, what sets this particular dragon (yes, sorry everyone, it's a...

Battle Bards Episode 116: There be dragons

Mighty and majestic, scaly in hide and shrewd of mind, smoking with fury unabated… these are the Battle Bards! Also, dragons. Yes, in today’s...

Dragon’s Prophet sequel Savage Hunt is supposed to launch tomorrow

While Dragon's Prophet took a stiff nosedive in North America and was ultimately shuttered by Daybreak in 2015, the dragon taming MMO didn't die...

‘Selectively multiplayer’ Shroud of the Avatar unleashes R44, plans August free trial, and expands around the globe

The Shroud of the Avatar team is sitting pretty on top of this past week's Release 44, but there is always more to be...
We're dragons!

TERA brings in some new dragons and banishes the old dragons

Were you excited when TERA first introduced its current crop of riding dragons? Maybe. But now those dragons are boring and dumb, and so...

AdventureQuest 3D previews the dragon-infested Firefields

AdventureQuest 3D's newest region should be arriving any day now, giving level 15 players a chance to test their mettle against dragons in their native...

Trove’s underwater dragon is a rare quarry worth hunting

Only in MMOs will killing a dragon net you a dragon. Such are the mysterious and physics-bending ways of the loot table. For example, Trove...

TERA ushers in the Guilded Age

You know how some MMO content patches have a spread of features, giving everyone a little something? Well, TERA's update this week isn't that...
Ain't no school like the old school.

The Daily Grind: What MMO has the best dragons?

Dragons are almost criminally overused in fantasy. It's sort of understandable, since a big old dragon is sort of the iconic fantasy monster, but...

TERA gives clearance for dragon flight next week

Unlike some MMOs that keep trying to ground their population, TERA has given the clearance for unbridled flight. And not just your normal, average...

Snail Games’ Dark and Light reboot is ‘technically classless’

After hearing that Snail Games is resurrecting the long-dormant sandbox MMO Dark and Light, we are sure that you have many questions. Heck, we...

Heroes of Newerth launches Dragon Wars community event

Classic MOBA Heroes of Newerth released the massive new Dragon Wars community event today, launching a series of community-wide achievements and challenges with rewards for the...

Time of Dragons roars onto Steam

The official description for Time of Dragons is as follows: "This is an MMO shooter where you ride dragons armed with missiles and lasers!"...

Senior citizen dragons fly into Trove

What, can't dragons be old? Sure they can -- just look at Trove! The colorful sandvox added a new type of dragon ally and mount yesterday,...

ARK’s tourney championship features a giant ass dragon

Studio Wildcard is hyping the championship round of ARK: Survival Evolved's Survival of the Fittest tourney which takes place tomorrow, September 2nd at 2:00 p.m....
This is what happens when you give guns to plants.

Guild Wars 2 hopes to reinspire interest in story

It's hard to be a Sylvari in Guild Wars 2 at the moment. After all, the plant people have an undeniable tie to the...