Heroes of Newerth launches Dragon Wars community event


Classic MOBA Heroes of Newerth released the massive new Dragon Wars community event today, launching a series of community-wide achievements and challenges with rewards for the entire playerbase. Some of the challenges are simple things like enough people following the game’s official twitter account, while others include people streaming the game for 24 hours or just playing enough hours of the game. A series of creative challenges have also been added covering everything from fan-art and music videos to cosplay and even baking HoN-themed cakes.

Heroes of Newerth‘s player activity levels in North America and Europe have waned in recent years, but the game is still very popular in South East Asia. Many of the event challenges were originally designed for that audience, so challenges such as cosplaying on top of an elephant and getting a photo with 2,000 HoN players are unlikely to be completed. The players who contribute to completing each challenge can earn bounties such as gold coins to spend in the cash shop, and many challenges will reward all players with bonus gold coins when completed. All players have also been given a dragon egg that will hatch and upgrade as the challenge completion bar progresses.

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