Snail Games’ Dark and Light reboot is ‘technically classless’


After hearing that Snail Games is resurrecting the long-dormant sandbox MMO Dark and Light, we are sure that you have many questions. Heck, we here are bubbling over with questions and concerns ourselves. And for its part, the company is willing to answer them — at least a small number of them.

In a short, succinct community Q&A on Reddit, Snail Games addressed five Dark and Light queries, including the use of the original logo, what control scheme it will use, whether dragons will be used as mounts (yes), and how progression will work in the game.

Dark and Light is technically classless,” the studio explained, “As you level up, you will earn attribute and skill points that can be allocated in a number of different ways. Specialization will be important for players who want to form alliances and build bases together.”

Dark and Light said that it has plans to launch in 2016.

Source: Reddit

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