Blizzard shifts Heroes of the Storm into maintenance mode, gives lizards to all


Quick: What’s the one live service Blizzard game that nobody ever talks about, thinks about, or apparently plays? The correct answer is, of course, Heroes of the Storm, the studio’s attempt to carve out a piece of the MOBA market since its release back in 2015.

Unfortunately for its remaining fans, Heroes of the Storm is ending its content development and shifting over into maintenance mode as it reaches its seventh birthday. “Moving forward we will support Heroes in a manner similar to our other longstanding games, StarCraft and StarCraft II,” Blizzard said. “In the future, we’ll continue seasonal rolls and hero rotations, and while the in-game shop will remain operational there are no plans for new for-purchase content to be added. Future patches will primarily focus on client sustainability and bug fixing, with balance updates coming as needed.”

To mollify any hurt feelings over the move, the studio is granting free epic arcane lizard mounts to all players. Because, as you well know, lizards are the answer to all of life’s woes.

Blizzard had once positioned Heroes of the Storm as a key player in its esports initiative, but the studio shifted away from that effort back in 2018.

This isn’t the only major multiplayer title abandoned by its developer in recent days. Last week, Pearl Abyss announced that it was giving up on its battle royale, Shadow Arena, and closing it later this summer.

Source: Heroes of the Storm. Thanks (we don’t talk about) Bruno!
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