Black Desert PC and console launches Dawn of Dragons and the Drakania Awakening

You get a dragon, and you get a dragon, and so on.

Who would want to celebrate the end of dragons? Maybe some games are about that, but Black Desert is going all-in on dragons with its most recent update. For one thing, the Drakania gets her Awakening with this patch – on both PC and console – and that means a whole lot of dragon-related antics going on with her unleashing the power of dragons. Look, dragons are powerful and cool, you have to just let her get this all out of her system on her own time. Just nod and accept these things as inevitable.

As if that weren’t enough, the game is also kicking off the Dawn of Dragons seasonal event with a bunch of reasons to take on dragons within the game’s world while also giving you various dragon-themed rewards. You might wonder why you’re being rewarded with pet newborn dragons as a reward for participating in a seasonal event all about killing dragons, and the answer is “dragons.” That’s just how things are right now in BDO. Why are you doing this? Dragon. What do you need? Dragon. Who takes you to the mall? Dragon. You get the idea.

Finally, if you’re playing on BDO’s PC client (Steam doesn’t count), there’s a free game pass event on offer for you.

“All new Adventurers that reach level 50 during the event period can claim a free game pass, which allows players to access the game permanently. If new players complete the Succession or Awakening quest after reaching level 56, they will be automatically registered in a raffle for the Conqueror Edition package, which includes rare items and in-game currency that are equivalent to 90 EUR in total. Existing players can take part in this raffle once they enhance their three Tuvala gear in their inventory to PEN-level with a new season character. This event is not eligible for Steam and Console adventurers.”

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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