Guild Wars 2’s ArenaNet posts hiring ad for yet another unannounced project


Veteran MMORPG players probably already knew that Guild Wars 2 studio ArenaNet is working on at least one unannounced project, but we’ve had a bit a news to confirm that work is still ongoing on that – or maybe something else entirely. The studio has posted a job ad on seeking a senior technical content designer for an unannounced project; the ad implies the game is in pre-production, uses an established online fantasy IP, employ Unreal 5, and includes multiplayer storytelling experiences, set against the “backdrop” of the evolution of the online roleplaying game industry.

Readers will remember that several of ArenaNet’s in-production games were canceled back in 2019, but in the last few years, we’ve caught wind of several new titles that the company was working on or at least hiring for, including a UE4 title, a mobile title, a console title, and another unannounced title, which may or may not be this one and may or may not still be in development. Obviously, the Guild Wars 2 subreddit is hoping it’s Guild Wars 3, and we’d certainly not be sorry to hear it, nor are we sorry to hear that the studio has clearly recovered since those devastating 2019 layoffs. But before you get too hyped, maybe bin it all under rumors for now and remember how many of ArenaNet’s other projects didn’t make it out the door.

Source: Greenhouse via TopTierList. Cheers, GreaterDivinity.
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