Guild Wars 2 studio ArenaNet seeks art director for unnamed console title


Time to get that ol’ pondering mill a’churnin’. It looks like Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet isn’t going to be a one title company, as a fresh job posting for an art director has been spotted which specifically states that the company is working on “an unannounced 3rd person fantasy action console title.”

Gameplay details on this in-development title aren’t immediately discernible from the job requirements (it is for an art director, after all, not a programmer or other gameplay-related position), but it does rather interestingly ask for someone with experience in Unreal 4, which is a departure from ArenaNet’s in-house engine used to develop Guild Wars and GW2. It’s also unclear whether this console title is the same one referenced in a senior gameplay programmer job that was posted in November, but chances seem good.

We’ll remind our readers that any details about a console release from ArenaNet, MMO or otherwise, is still likely a long way off if it even makes it off the ground. ArenaNet has binned at least one developing console title during a massive wave of layoffs in February. We’ve also had teases of a mobile title in the works and major investment into the studio as of NCsoft’s latest quarterly financials. So, fingers crossed but no breath held.

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