Guild Wars 2 subreddit goof helps re-confirm new ArenaNet game


A thread posted Friday¬†on the Guild Wars 2 subreddit apparently went awry as players panicked under the mistaken belief that ArenaNet’s Jennifer Scheurle was vacating her position as lead designer on GW2 to work on an unannounced title. This “news” kicked off a firestorm of comments bemoaning ArenaNet mismanagement and fears that Guild Wars 2 was headed for maintenance mode.

The thing is, though, it was all for nothing: Scheurle herself confirmed on Twitter that she was never a designer on GW2, which led to the very meta conversation of members of the subreddit complaining about the subreddit.

While this ultimately was a tempest in a teapot, it also further confirms that ArenaNet is indeed working on a new title of some sort. This stacks on top of other reveals such as a couple of job postings in the last few months. There’s also some datamined information about possible GW2 controller support and word on a mobile version to consider as well, all of which is good news for ArenaNet, which weathered a round of layoffs and game cancelations in 2019.

sources: Reddit, Twitter via Reddit
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