Mortal Online’s modular housing gets even more robust


With the game’s next “beast of a patch,” Mortal Online will offer even more options for the game’s revised modular housing system.

The upcoming patch will include a trio of new crafting tables that will each offer some way to deck out your abode: carpentry (which creates all sorts of furniture and objects), module crafting (which focuses on walls and rooms), and taxidermy (dead animal heads).

But wait, there’s more! Mortal Online’s housing will also offer three different permission levels, in case you want to have a co-owner to help you with interior decoration. Players should be able to place as many chests as they like in their home (solving a storage crisis), limited only by houses’ 1,000-item limit.

Take a look at the even-more-improved housing system after the jump!

Source: Mortal Online. Thanks Jim!
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Doctor Sweers

All I want to know is can I get out of a city with a house deed (or blueprint or whatever it’s called) in my bag without being ganked and being fully looted?

Kickstarter Donor

Get a bunch of friends or join a guild. The game isn’t super solo-friendly.


That. I remember how anti-casual it was.

Oleg Chebeneev

Its still alive?


Yes it is still around. And your welcome Justin.