See the Sea of Thieves devs become tourists in their own game


Just because you make a game doesn’t mean that you are an automatic expert in it. In the latest Sea of Thieves developer gameplay video, the team shows that even they can become tourists under the right circumstances.

This week, the devs faced off against a team of Xbox players as they raced to scour islands, dig up treasure, and sprint back to a safe port with their booty. Armed conflict and plenty of deaths ensue while the devs start caterwauling in distress.

See the devs play the role of noobs below!

Source: YouTube
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This looks really fun. ;)


As long as it’s an actual persistent world with economic/cooperative systems (rather than just every crew/ship out to kill each other 24/7) I could easily see this becoming a primary game for me. Looks to be hitting so many notes on what I’ve been wishing for with a pirate MMO.

John Mclain

Kinda-sorta, it’s smaller servers with rather limited capacity, so not “really” a mmo, more like a lobby-game but with persistent elements. (Actually the closest example would be a survival game like conan exiles, minus the building.)

I’m no expert on the game, but this is what I’ve pieced together from 15 or so of these video blogs.