Crowfall is shifting away from race-bound class archetypes


Crowfall’s teaser week is over, so what was the tease? “Massively expanded character customization options,” ArtCraft says, confirming some of the earliest hunches that the game will break up the race/class paradigm. It’s also getting a hefty graphics upgrade.

“ArtCraft Entertainment is pleased to announce that it will be adding one of the most requested additional features for their sandbox ‘Throne War’ MMO Crowfall: massively expanded character customization options. The developer has also overhauled the graphics in partnership with the Unity Spotlight team. […] With the new character customization players will now have the freedom to choose their character’s race and class combination from a wealth of options, rather than the original system of specific ‘archetypes.'”

OK, that was actually worthy of a week of teases. Check out the videos! (Also — sandbox, eh?)

Source: Press release
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