MMO devs eulogize EverQuest II developer John Tessin


We’re sorry to report this evening the passing of an MMORPG genre veteran, John Tessin, who worked for SOE for 13 years, most extensively on EverQuest II.

John’s daughter told friends and family that he’d been suffering from cancer but that his death was nevertheless sudden. She asked for a small donation through GoFundMe to handle burial expenses not being covered by veteran’s benefits; as I write this, that fundraiser has already exceeded its ask thanks to the generosity of developers and gamers.

Big hugs go out to John’s family and colleagues from all of us at MOP.

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Pedge Jameson

Good to hear they made the go fund me goal with over a thousand left and still going. Doesn’t hurt to have something aside for good only knows what the government will say is owed to them.

Pedge Jameson

God only knows*, sorry editor ran out.


My thoughts and best wishes to those who are affected. /bows

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Very sorry to hear it. Heartfelt wishes to his family, and a mighty thanks for the years of (ongoing) pleasure in Norrath. :)


So sad. Life is too short and unpredictable. God speed.