Ryzom transitions to a freemium business model


As of May 31st, Ryzom (formerly Saga of Ryzom) has transitioned into a slightly different business model that will take a little explaining.

Essentially, the game is straddling the line between a freemium and free-to-play model, giving subscribers a chance to continue to access their account if they choose to let their sub lapse. Free players can enjoy the game, albeit with limitations on skill points, gear, and storage.

Meanwhile, premium (subscription) players will enjoy even more bonuses than before. These include double XP, many service account options, and no restrictions on skills, leveling, and gear. The subscription price is remaining the same, and the devs promised players that current and future game content would remain free for all.

We recently wondered what ever happened to Ryzom and did some investigating to find out.

Source: Official forums. Thanks Austin!

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