‘Summer of SWTOR’ brings back the MMORPG

Squeaking in just under the wire for the dev team’s promised May delivery date, Star Wars: The Old Republic¬†published its (remaining) 2017 roadmap¬†yesterday. The overall take from the reveal? This game might just be returning to its MMORPG roots after a long sojourn in solo country.

“We have been saying for a while now our focus this year is to return to massively multiplayer and group-based content,” BioWare said. “Our focus on gameplay improvements will continue throughout this year and will include revisiting existing game systems to provide enhancements where needed whenever possible.”

The fun begins in June with the so-called “Summer of SWTOR,” as a small patch will activate the Nar Shadda nightlife event, add some new legacy perks, and introduce a new companion. July will see Game Update 5.3 with a oceanfront stronghold, class balance changes, and expanded instance offerings. Then August will push forward the story with Game Update 5.4 (and bring in a mysterious flashpoint).

The team spent some textual real estate discussing operations, PvP, story, companions, player communication, and quality-of-life improvements. It’s definitely worth a read if you’re interested in the future of this title. Quarterly roadmaps have been promised going forward, so expect to see one for the fall in another three months.

Source: SWTOR. Thanks Bob!
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